Welcome to the Gatsby’s Commorative Page

For many of us Gatsby’s was our place and our home away from home. Where we hung out, had drinks, played pool, and maybe even met our significant others. (Or perhaps a few of them.)

This page has been stitched together from bits and pieces that still exist online, some of our personal photos, and memories. However, these images and websites are fading fast. We need to act soon to preserve our memories of this once beloved hangout.


What Happened to Gatsby’s?

Believe it or not, it has almost been a decade since Gatsby’s became a memory. Gatsby’s was located at 8575 SW 124th Ave, in Kendall

Mostly due to the collapse of the housing bubble and overall economy in 2008, Gatsby’s began to fall on hard times. Smaller establishments survived, but Gatsby’s was huge. They also had more than one location. Gatsby’s needed a lot of people coming through their doors to stay open. From there it had a brief time as “Homefield”, but didn’t survive under the new brand. As of 2021 it is now Duffy’s.


Help Preserve Our Memories

Hundreds of pictures were taken with our cell phones (and before that cameras) over the years at Gatsby‘s. Whatever you have that you’d like to share please send it and we will add it to our photo gallery.

This can include pictures of items you may have or souvenirs. Like match books or shot glasses.

If you know bartenders, staff, management, anyone that was a part of Gatsby’s, share this page with them.  

Staff, send us your photos so we can feature you.


Original Sites and Twitter

If anyone has access to these pages let’s preserve them. The and are taken at the moment and I have been unsuccessful in trying to reach the new owners (maybe squatters) to perhaps restore the original website. 

About This Page

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This website is a commemorative page. We are in no way associated with the South Florida Entertainment Group or the Gatsby‘s name.